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Little Louie’s was founded in 2020 and was a new venture for working mum Vicky which she started while she was on Maternity leave with her forth baby. 

Based in South Leicestershire, Little Louie’s is a bespoke internet homeware shop offering unique quality items at affordable prices with excellent customer service. Vicky has a passion for accessorising homes and loves the feeling that it brings to turn a room into somewhere special.

All the items on the website are hand picked by Vicky, she takes great care and consideration when selecting the items. If she wouldn’t have them in her home, then she wouldn't have them available to her customers. Vicky only selects high quality and most unique items for her customers to enjoy.

Little Louie’s Home Accessories is named after Vicky and her partner, Ashley’s son. Sadly, Louie was still born at 39 weeks of pregnancy in 2019. He left a massive hole in the family’s hearts, but they strive to keep his memory alive. So Little Louie’s has a huge meaning and prestige for Vicky and she wants to ensure the brand reflects this. 

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